Monday, 27 February 2012

Wet Paint

Here is something really refreshingly cool. I have never seen photography subjects quite like this. Artist and photographer Mark Mawson created this artwork using paint and water. At first I thought it was computer generated because of the clarity and surreal look. I was so wrong, which makes these photos that much cooler.

It was actually created by dropping paint into water, then photographing the results. I’m curious to attempt this myself, but I don’t know how the images are so crystal clear. I’m going to guess that he used a large flat glass container, perhaps a fish tank, and captured the photo from the outside, looking through the glass. I also have to assume that the photos are flipped upside down, to give the illusion of floating, or rising. Regardless, Mark Mawson’s website (linked to his name) is worth checking out.

The photos that I have here are a few of my favourites, but he has quite the variety, each with their own unique look. It’s clear he spent a lot of time prepping, and determining what he wanted his outcome to be, but as much as I like all the colours, I think the most effective tend to be the simpler of his orchestrations.


  1. I love these, they look amazing! Great find Kyle!

  2. I would think that the process was videotaped and then stills were taken from the video. I used to do the same with ink and water paint and just watch the shapes form.

  3. Mark Mawson is a brilliant artist. I love this unconventional photography.

  4. I honestly thought the same, about it being comp. generated, especially the first one (looks like blue mushrooms!)

    Speaking of underwater photography, i thought you might like this:

  5. Wow, these pictures are amazing!! I think I found a new desktop background (or two).

    Great post Kyle!