Sunday, 12 February 2012

Good Times, and Catchy Tunes

This weekend has been fantastic so far. I am currently in Toronto hanging out with some good folks in the downtown area. A few of my friends have developed a small fan following by using their loft space to showcase artwork. They're always looking for a hand to help set up, and I was more than happy to escape Fort Erie's small town atmosphere, for some big city entertainment.

I am currently gathering as many pictures as I can, and helping with clean up after last night's successful show opening, so I don't want to spoil all the surprises about Studio 407 quite yet, but rest assured, I will be posting on it very soon.

In the meantime check out this music video on YouTube! My friends were showing me how cool the art direction was, and I couldn't help but be baffled at its originality. It's a catchy tune, and an awesome video.

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks



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    1. Well, I thought I could edit my comment, but I was very wrong.

      Let me try this again:

      That was a catchy tune and a very creative music video.