Saturday, 4 February 2012

East Coast Style

Perhaps it’s my complete love for the coast, or the need to escape the gross winter we’ve been stuck in, but this artist is seriously growing on me. Ever since my trip to Ocean City, Maryland, where I stumbled across Jay Alders posters in a local shop, I’ve fallen in love with his goofy looking oil paintings.

After digging through the internet, I found out that he’s good friends with one of my favourite east coast musicians, G.Love. Better yet, he paints live on stage during concerts. If you’re a fan of this music, you might recognize some of the faces in his paintings and photos. (Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter, need I say more?)

It’s crazy how things tie in together.

He’s also more popular then I first imagined. His artwork has shown up on a number of products from iced-tea, to surf and skateboards. He’s been in a number of magazines throughout the states, and graced a few covers on the way. His style and talent seems to be defining east coast art, and rightfully so.

I love the composition, vibrant colours and exaggerated features in all of his work. I’ve never seen so much movement captured in time, but what I really love is how his artwork is pure visual entertainment. Put simply, it’s refreshing and fun.

Check out his website...Good stuff. Thanks for inspiring, Jay.


  1. Wow I wish his website had more images! Those are really neat paintings! Perfect for a beach house. I can really see why it appeals to you Kyle.

  2. I also enjoyed several of the exaggerated features. Good stuff Kyle.